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Ancient Artifacts Bring the Bible to Life
Posted by Timothy Gunnells on 17 October 2014 10:33 AM

Earlier this week, Dennis Malone, a PhD student in Biblical Studies, brought in an exhibit of ancient artifacts from Israel. The artifacts were carefully collected over a forty year period by a missionary in Israel, with some dating as far back as 3,500 BC. They were presented in Dr. Rodney Cloud's course: Historical and Archaelogical Research of the Old Testament.

Some of the cunieform tablets in the collection are being studied by Dr. David Musgrave, Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, in an effort to translate them. Dennis is pictured below with one of the artifacts.  We want to thank him for sharing these treasures with us.



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Amridge Welcomes Doctoral Students in September
Posted by Jack Temple on 10 September 2014 06:45 AM

Amridge University will have our new PhD and DMin cohorts on campus next week, September 15-19.  Amridge will have seven DMin students and six PhD students.  The university is excited that the students will get to meet all the on-campus administrators, faculty, and staff. 

One highlight this fall will be that the ladies from the Eastern Meadows Church of Christ will provide a light lunch for the doctoral students and the on-campus personnel, Monday, September 15. 

An additional highlight will be that three of the current doctoral students,  Debra Baker, Jessica Breidinger, and Vickie Covington, have agreed to take their Qualifying Examination as a demonstration to the new doctoral cohorts.  The oral portion of the Qualifying Examination will be conducted Thursday, September 18. 

This week will be a visual of the many high quality and exciting educational experiences offered at Amridge University.

Amridge Academic Programs for You.


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